Built by audiobook lovers for audiobook lovers


Audiosilo is a multi-platform audiobook player. It should run on anything that can install a PWA and includes variable playback speed, sleep timer, light and dark themes, bookmarks and listening history.

Powered by open-source self-hosted software

Audioserve is an open source audio server designed primarily for audiobooks.

Built with Rust, it's the perfect backend server to handle your books.

It's small, light on resources, and built with purpose.

Purpose built, not (poorly) repurposed

This isn't a repurposed music player, both the server and player have being built specifically with audiobooks in mind.

Stream your books to any device, or download them from offline use.

Self-hosted Audible replacement

This allows you to host, stream and download your own DRM-free audiobooks without the need to hand over your data to anyone else.

By reverse proxying Audioserve, you can access your books anywhere you like.